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ERO Africa is a leading provider of air quality monitoring hardware in africa.
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Welcome to ERO Africa

ERO Electronic SA (Pty) Ltd trading as ERO Africa provides air quality monitoring equipment for ambient air quality monitoring and emissions monitoring. The monitoring equipment is utilised in applications that ensures organisations (including government, industrial manufacturing facilities, businesses, warehouses and mining) maintain regulatory compliance in line with environmental legislation.

This monitoring equipment includes single gas analysers, multi-gas sensors, and particulate monitors, which help to determine the concentration of  dangerous particles, chemicals, or gases in the atmosphere.

As air quality monitoring equipment distributers of Thermo Scientific equipment, we offer a broad range of air monitoring instruments with advanced air sampling technology. 

Thermo Scientific Systems Solutions applications expertise and instrument technology help our customers succeed in protecting people and the environment. This is achieved by providing top quality monitoring equipment along with professional advice to meet client requirements.

Whether it’s to meet regulatory standards, to achieve more efficient process controls, or to research environmental impacts, we have a variety of field-proven solutions for your application.
ERO is also a distributer of ERO Electronics spares and equipment.